6 Ways To Save Time On Your Wedding Day

Time is crucial on your wedding day. There are 6 key parts to it. By planning in advance you will be free to relax and enjoy the most important day of your life!

So what are the 6 key parts?

1. Getting Ready

Make sure you're the first to have hair and make up done before your bridesmaids.

Have your bridesmaids dressed 15 minutes before you put on your dress.

Be dressed 30-50 minutes before leaving for the ceremony.

2. Ceremony

The ceremony time, the call for dinner and your first dance will determine the schedule of your day.

Plan your morning routine according to your scheduled ceremony.

Be at the ceremony 10 minutes before it begins.

Allow 30-45 minutes for your guests to congratulate you before they move on to the Drinks Reception.

3. Drinks Reception

Straight after the ceremony have your bridal party portraits done. They can then leave and mingle with the guests.

Your session with your new husband will begin next followed by family portraits. Allow 1hr to 1hr 20mins for the duration of the entire shoot (time is including family photos, bridal party shots and bride and groom shots).

4. Dinner

If you wish to mingle with the guests before sitting down for dinner, schedule your ceremony earlier. Knowing how much time everything takes, it should be easier to figure it out.

Remember, travel time from the ceremony to the venue matters!

5. Speeches

Guests dread the speeches. They are known to be very long! 

Inform your speakers to keep their speeches short, 10-15 minutes each. This way if you have 4 speakers, you will keep it well under an hour.

6. First Dance

Set your first dance time. It can be a common misconception for the band to assume that the time of the first dance is when they should be arriving. Educate the band to start on time. They should arrive to set up and soundcheck in advance.

Having to think about it can be overwhelming and hard but trust me, when you figure this all out, you will be able to actually enjoy the day as it flows naturally from one stage to the next.